Bohemyan Blue- For the love of Food and Nature


Ever dreamt of a place where nature and food complement each other to the extent that visitors find it hard to think about anything other than a laid back, rejuvenating weekend? You can experience this and much more at ‘Bohemyan Blue’, a garden café that any nature lover with a soul of a foodie inside would absolutely love.


It was the second time that I was coming to this quaint place situated on the road somewhere between Mandwa and Alibaug, Maharashtra. A rustic blue gate inspired from the Art Noveau period welcomed us and I quickly took my favourite place from last time, the backyard with a pretty kitchen surrounded by banana plantations and a plateful of tranquility. I had come here the first time exactly a year back and since then this place had made a mark on my mind and I decided to take my mother the second time as I knew she would love the place as much as I did.IMG-20150412-WA0028

As I sank into the cane chairs closing my eyes and hearing soft classics playing at the background, I felt I was transported to a land far away from the usual. I ordered a glass of homemade chocolate mousse which turned out to be absolutely out of this world. Mother ordered a glass of gingerale that she sipped as we admired the earthy surroundings.

Soon, I met the owner of this café, Sunanda and we got talking. This lady, I would say is one of the most motivated, creative and enterprising woman I have met in a long long time. She inspires every single person around her with that positive energy and humble attitude. I learned that this café has been her dream and Sunanda and her husband Albert, who is an aroma therapist have given all their dedication and hard work into the foundation of this wonder. They love travelling too, not a surprise as anybody visiting this place would know that only a person who has travelled the world could come up with such a concept. Asking her about her favorite country till date, she takes no less than a second to say ‘Turkey’. Beautiful country with ever smiling people! Mother and I were totally inspired by her ideals. “We have all grown in to what we are today because of somebody else’s motivation. We should help others grow too.” Such nice words.


The best months to visit this place is just after the Monsoons end! November to March is perfect!


The café also has a boutique within the vicinity. And the collection ranges from cotton Kurta’s, Pallazos to quilts and cushions. They have beautiful designs and are very comfortable, designed by Sunanda herself. She has used all the age old techniques in her collections such as traditional Block prints and Kantha work. Very ethnic and classy, this place is a must visit for people who love aesthetics.


If you make a trip to Alibaug, I would recommend you to visit this place as it is a different experience all together in terms of the fresh food served, the hospitality and along with that, the weather and the earthy and natural ambiance complementing each other really well.

So pack your bags, hop onto a ferry from the Gateway of India and experience the pastoral scenes of Alibaug’s ‘Bohemyan Blue’. You could also take a bus from Panvel, but catching a ferry is way better an experience! Ps: Ferrys are shut during the monsoons!

Overall, this place has a cultured and rustic ambiance that will pull you back each time you get a weekend off!

Address: Plot # 1 Agarsure Alibag – Rewas main Road, Opposite Fountainhead, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201


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