Spirituality Amidst Wilderness

Have we ever questioned the real reason behind man’s existence? “Why has nature lost its value”?  Why has the pace of our life quickened so much that we forget to stop for a minute and cherish the song of the little bird chirping in our balcony? Have you ever dreamed of a place where one would wake up to unadulterated sunshine, to the coo-ing of a colorful bird spreading its wings knowing no bounds. Where the only source of ‘noise’ was the sound of a running stream. Okay, I managed to ask too many questions in less than a minute.


It was sometime in middle of monsoons. Somewhere between the hill stations of Kasara and Nashik. I stood. Awestruck by the scenery. There seemed to be no hint of traffic. Pin drop silence was an understatement. I had never felt such serenity. In front of me stood a beautiful ashram called ‘Shreeja’.

Soon enough, as I was done admiring the breathtaking view, a crowd of happy faces came to greet us. I knew in my heart, this trip was going to be memorable in so many ways. We were welcomed with a hearty breakfast of Poha and lemon grass tea. I realized the people residing in this ashram were very simple. Their magnanimity surprised me. I also realised that this ashram was based on a set of rules. We had a specific time to eat, a time to rest, a time for meditation. Their way of life was exactly what we call ‘the ideal way of living’. That doesn’t happen very easily in today’s world.


Soon, I began strolling around this beautiful valley and I found farm fresh vegetables  growing. I was pretty amused as I had never really seen how it is witnessing pumpkins grow! Wild flowers and wild chameleons were everywhere. It was beautiful. The photographer in me was more excited than ever and I began to exercise the skill gladly.


I stayed over the night at this beautiful ashram, that I later came to know was built for the needy and under priviledged by a humble lady whom they referred to as ‘Ma’. She taught them the essence of spirituality. The importance of listening to your inner voice, your subconscious mind. The importance of taking over your subconscious mind so that no negativity could ever harm you. She taught them the importance of optimism and being nice to people.



We woke up early morning and had a session of yoga, and I really felt that good after a long time! I even felt good at the thought of going back home and to work. We packed our bags and took a train back to Mumbai. But the experience was great! This place is a must-visit for travelers who love to go backpacking. Just stop the car, pick a great spot and relax!

I would want to say that the breathtaking view of this hill station is reason enough to take a break and come and visit. Take a train to Kasara from VT, Mumbai and then rent a cab. You don’t need to stay the night and can return the very same day to Mumbai. The beautiful drive, the waterfalls on the way will give you that perfect getaway from the mundane! 🙂
It’s true, when the hills call, you need to go! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spirituality Amidst Wilderness

  1. You are doing an awesome job with your blogs girl.. Making us all aware of the hidden, rather lesser known charmers around us!! Beautiful pics n even more beautiful description! Keep enlightening 🙂


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