The Yoga House- A Yogi’s Delight!

I had heard about this place a couple of months back. Always wanted to visit it but never had the chance to! It was when my best friend shifted to Mumbai for work that I actually knew I had great company for lunching at this pretty place. I pestered her to join me for a Saturday lunch and a shopping day out. That’s how I could finally visit the Yoga House.


The entrance had a cute nameplate and inside was a white wooden staircase. The architecture and the color scheme gave a very Greek feel to it. Green walls and white furnishings with colorful creepers all around were a pleasant sight.
We chose a beautiful spot, called the ‘romantic terrace’. A pretty balcony jutting out in the sun with a great view of nature. The perfect place to chill on a weekend. We had deep conversations about life as we know it, over a glass of fresh pineapple juice. So much for all the romance on this romantic terrace!


The Yoga House concept is a subtle combination of cutting-edge organic recipes and ancient dietary wisdom and tradition amidst a beautiful minimalistic setting. The place is very hygienic and they ensure that we remove our footwear before entering the place to indulge in some yummy healthy eating. While they showcase a lovely combination of oceanic colors of blue-green and whites, the ambiance is that of peace, quiet and serenity. I feel, it is the perfect place for a chilled out lunch date and a romantic dinner.

Now comes the food. The menu is a combination of a colorful healthy diet with very intriguing names to it that would make you want to indulge into every single dish. At least I did =)
I ended up ordering an ‘I am indulging’, as I was starving after a long walk in the sun with my friend. Cheesy and crispy bread with a healthy topping of cherry tomatoes and olives was absolutely yummy. My friend ordered an ‘I am travelling’, very much in sync with the kind of person she is, ever-excited and spontaneous! Crispy bread base with a beautiful  mixture of feta cheese  and mayonnaise topping with fresh vegetables. We hogged, yet felt light and happy. You must also try ‘The Yogi’s Breakfast’ that comprises porridge and a shot of fresh juice.


It’s a strictly vegetarian place, in case you were thinking of indulging in a bowl of chicken ceasar salad! But let me assure you, the fresh salads that this place offers are as tasty as any non vegetarian one. So, when you crave a healthy diet with a soothing atmosphere, you know where to come!

You could also indulge into some healthy shopping as they sell organic spices, health books, Yoga and spiritual quest books and also fragrant essential oils. You could also shop for pretty footwear made of  materials like jute and organic cotton.


Sometimes silence is all what you need and this place is sure to offer you that. There is a Yoga room on the top most floor where yoga classes are held everyday from 6:30 am to 12:30 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm.


To sum up, try coming to this place for an early morning breakfast. You can also try this place when it’s just you and your book, when you don’t need anyone else. Come for the food, the peace, the quietness, the green surroundings, the decor and finally, the prompt service.


Address: Nargis Villa ,Water Bungalow, Sherly Rajan Road, Bandra West,, Mumbai- 400050
Contact: 022 6554 5001

Ps: Thank you Sakshi Parikh for some beautiful snaps.


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