JamJar- a quirky blue tale

A little blue cottage. You might have noticed it, you might have not. But once noticed, you definitely would turn around for another glance! Such is what happened to me when I was in the auto rickshaw, on a weekend with my mother.
Though we had plans to eat somewhere else, spontaneity hit us and we decided to lunch at this place. That’s how I visited the JamJar diner.


The entrance is a pretty little blue cottage


Situated in the suburbs of Versova, this little blue cottage is a pretty good place to spend a breezy Saturday with a friend or your family. Although it is cramped up between buildings, one would expect it to be a small little cafe from inside. But surprises happen and what we find inside is a spacious two storeyed diner along with a rooftop terrace! As we entered the little blue diner, we found that it was a pretty place with some very interesting decor. We headed straight to the rooftop, as the weather was cloudy and merciful.


Quirky placements of shelves with a pretty decor

Our cold beverages were brought in big glass jam jars. So yes, that is how I knew where the concept of this diner originated from. 5Food is served in style and that too, very  tasty. The menu is vast, ranging from Italian to Mediterranean and British to coastal Indian. There are steaks, rice dishes and lasagnas to choose from! The table next to us had ordered a plate of chicken nachos and it looked heavenly.
I do feel, the service could have been a tad bit better. But I almost forgot about that glitch with the delicious food that was brought in front of me. I indulged in a pan seared Basa with coconut rice and sautéd vegetables. It was extremely tasty. The fish was cooked just right and the rice was delicious. Mother ordered a grilled chicken along with mashed potatoes and vegetables.4

For dessert, we hogged on to a ‘Mess in a jar’ which was a sumptuous mixture of red velvet cake which fresh fruits and whipped cream. Best suited for a foodie who doesn’t really think about the calories ♥


So, if you ever require a pretty ambiance along with mind blowing food, keep this one as an option for sure. You are bound to have a great time with the soft rock music playing at the background.

Have a happy weekend people!

Address: 7A & B, JP Road, Aram Nagar II, Opp. Palm Beach Apartment, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061











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