Inspiration Ombré

What exactly is ombré and what is it that makes it so special? For all those who have been even remotely connected to fashion and trends, will know what I am talking about.

Ombré is the gradual blending of one hue to another usually moving tints and shades of a color from dark to light or vice versa. This technique has been popular way back from the 19th century and has always somehow been in my ‘list of favorites’.


I have always been fascinated with colors and decor, thanks to the good old days when mother made me clean and decorate our home the day before a party. I remember removing old flowers and putting fresh ones, each of a different color. I would sit patiently awaiting a compliment from the guests and would be proud when i got one! One thing lead to another and ten years down the line, I was pursuing my bachelors in design. That’s when i got more familiar with color schemes.

Ombré owes its prettiness to the beautiful colors that are used. We all have our set of inspirations when we design something. Today, I am going to play with colors on products and see how elegant ombre can look when it comes to home decor.


When it comes to home decor, there are so many ways to make a space look nice. What about ombré in lamps? The illustration below would give us an idea. The lamps go from dark to light red, dark to light aqua and a light to dark peach as the color inspiration is taken from the image next to it.


White walls, green plants and ombré vases. This shows the combination of earthy browns, fresh greens and shades of violet.


Ombre illustration on vases

It was last week when I got obsessed with ombré, as I sat researching about the trend forecasts of Spring Summer 2016. That also got me doing my research on the much awaited Pantone Color of the Year 2016- Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz

In order to master ombré in our bedroom, we must keep it simple and keep the fade to a gradual transition. The objective is to create a soft, almost glowing effect.


Therefore, be it home decor or fashion, ombré is always a good idea. Elegance and prettiness unlimited!

Note: The above base images have been taken from and ombré draping is done digitally by myself to illustrate.




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