The Nutcracker- Christmas Lunching!

Holiday season is here, as they say! But for me, it’s just a two day affair considering the fact that I am pretty much a corporate office goer who has just taken a leave for a whole week to visit her grandparents back in Calcutta. And one week mind you, is considered as long as a month in the corporate world!


So, two days in hand. What do I do? Christmas is here. Why not a sumptuous Christmas Lunch with mommy? That is how, after a little shopping here and there, our final destination was The Nutcracker, located in the by lanes of Kala Ghoda as suggested by a friend.


Beautiful contemporary paintings hung on the walls

A beautiful facade with large wooden doors and windows with spouting white and pink bougainvillea flowers. These flowers are the best. They can literally make any surrounding look stunning and cozy. This place has the feel of a cozy European cafe with interiors that reflect the old Bombay charm. Little christmassy knick knacks hanging on the walls and a pretty book shelf decorated with bougainvilleas gives a quaint vibe.


While I did my own little research, I learnt that this place was named after a friend randomly suggested it. A cool name I must say! This place is a cozy little brunchy kind of vegetarian place and we indulged in a bowl of hummus and peta for starters and baked beans on cheesy toast later with a glass of fresh mint lemonade by the side.


The food was delicious. We also ended up ordering freshly baked cheese straws from their in-house bakery. Heavenly. It was the best Christmas Lunch that I had in a long time.


What i loved the most however, was the decor. Fresh flowers that adorned the wooden cottage with a beautifully lit Christmas tree and a cozy vibe is all I need to spend my time. It’s perfect for winters! Loved the interiors. Loved the decor. All I wanted to ask myself was, ‘When am I coming here next?’.


Christmas decor

Address: : Modern House, Dr VB Gandhi Marg, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023
Contact: 022 2284 2430





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