Abode Bombay- The Vintage Charm!

Have you ever wondered what Bombay would look like in the 1960’s?  Well you would know when you visit this charming little boutique hotel in the by lanes of Colaba Causeway, Mumbai. I wanted to visit it since the time I knew it existed! Like a dream come true, the management invited me to experience their beautiful property. Ecstatic as I was, I started making preparations for it. That day finally arrived when I was welcomed warmly by Yuvraj, who made sure I had the best time.


As we climbed the first floor, the first thing that struck me was the beautifully designed lobby. It had everything that would define a vintage paradise. It became quite obvious to me that whoever designed this must be the ultimate curator of good things. I later learned that a talented Australian designer has created the gorgeous interiors. The chairs are all vintage Iranian ones and the flooring is done with handmade vintage tiles. Other antiques are borrowed from Rajasthan. Truly inspired from the good old times. And guess what? Abode is just two years old. The building was once the residence of the famous treasurer of Baghdad, David Sassoon.


As I was busy noticing vintage curios from around the country, I was taken to my room for the night. It was the coziest room in the world! A tiny space but it had everything one would ever require. It had the coziest bed with an ample amount of pillows, something that I require a lot while napping. I couldn’t help but notice the ample use of copper utensils in the room, even the dustbin. The television, the study, the shower room, all looked great and I instantly developed a sense of belonging here. Not to forget the wall that contained the most beautiful photographs framed by the famous Anja Bonhof. I call that wall, ‘Bombay in a Glimpse’.


I was handed an interesting handmade map of South Bombay, normally helpful to foreign tourists and backpackers from around the world to make themselves familiar with the surroundings. I stared at it for a long time and I realized I was rediscovering South Bombay altogether. This place is best suited to backpackers for whom, all kinds of trips are organized, be it heritage tours or shopping tours. They have it all. The visitors are also provided with a local sim card for their entire stay.


They also have a Spa in where the masseuse are partially blind, from the Victoria school of blind. The management at Abode also have a reputation of befriending under privileged women. They even have a taxi service driven my single ladies at any time of the day and night! That surely is impressive.


I woke up the next morning and hurried for the lavish breakfast that is served in the lobby premises everyday. They know exactly how to manage their space and make it look so pretty! The breakfast was a sumptuous combination of English and Indian cuisine. Different kinds of breads with eggs however you want them. Fresh fruit juices and freshly cut seasonal fruits, some ‘Poha’ to add to the Indian-ness. Loved my very first meal of the day from the bottom of my heart.


As it was my time to leave, I had the loveliest conversation with the owner of this wonderful place, Mr. Essa Sham who is also involved in the business of antiques. I started cherishing my moments at Abode as I was on my way back home with mother. This place is perfect for backpackers who make Bombay a stop to discover. One would find it difficult to find a place which is as interesting as this one, with a great location and it is for everyone who is looking for a budgeted yet luxurious stay.


Sweet nothings that is sure to catch your eye when you are @Abode!

Address: : First Floor, Lansdowne House Building, M.B. Marg, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
Contact: 080802 34066


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