Mariketty’s Story

‘The voice of the sea, often speaks to the soul’

India is a destination where every passionate wanderer finds a home. This is the story of one such wanderer, Maria Katarina.

It all started one day in Greece about 30 years ago. Maria Katarina, the daughter of a humble restaurant owner in Greece decided to explore India. As she set foot, there was no stopping her. She traveled to the beautiful backwaters of South India, she witnessed the colours and traditions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. And then, she came to Goa. The white sands, the green trees, the cool breeze, the happy faces, the laziness, all of it took her heart away. She had fallen in love. She had found a new home.


The beaches soothed her and she loved this new feeling of excitement. There. She decided to recreate Greece, her ancestral homeland. The serenity that Goa possessed was similar to the calm in Greece. Clear blue seas, white sands and a stunning sunrise called her at the wake of every dawn.


She soon created ‘Thalassa’, a Greek restaurant right above the beautiful Vagator Beach. Mariketti, as she is known, is the happiest soul I have met in a long time! No one entering Thalassa can escape that warm and friendly aura. As we got talking, I learned that she loved food and even so, feeding her guests with authentic Greek cuisine.

Her passion for food bubbled as she spoke. We couldn’t skip that childlike glint in her eyes. That got me thinking. How many of us are really passionate about what we do? Are you living each moment loving what you do? Or are you just living life to survive? I absolutely admired her idea of living life. Take risks, be spontaneous, love what you do and have no regrets.


My friend Sakshi ordered a sumptuous Greek cheesecake as we sat right at the edge of a stunning view. We lay there, drunk on the idea of this mystical spell called life and of course, a few beers. There are a few home stays here as well. Mariketty has decorated this place with a lot of sensitivity. Pristine white walls along with light blue accents make the decor so beautifully Greek. Of course, nobody can miss those pretty blue doors.


We sat for a long time, admiring the gorgeous view of the Vagator beach until we realized it was time to leave but also to come back soon again. As for Mariketty, she plans to continue making delicious delicacies and make us Happy!


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