Boho For The Soul

So a lot of my time in the last few months have been spent reading books. Books of all kinds. Travel, Spirituality, Fiction and the list can go on. But all that I read had a common ground. Liberation. One particular book that has taken over my mind is ‘Many Lives Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss, recommended to me by my aunt. This book completely changed my perspective towards life.
It made me realize that all of us are wanderers, in one way or the other. We all are on the path of exploring what lies ahead. Exploring different avenues and living different lives. But we are all bound by the fascination of freedom. And all our wandering souls love the idea of liberation. Liberty to search for the true meaning of life, the true meaning of kindness, of selflessness. Being Bohemian. I’m currently living in the Boho-at-heart phase. In my thoughts, actions and lifestyle.


Being a textile designer, I’ve also been researching and experimenting with how I can make a space look cozy. Grunge yet cozy. I’ve collected some inspirations that could help you decorate your space. There are certain elements we need to give that Bohemian touch to our corner.


Plants. A lot of them. They’ll make your space breathe. A touch of nature does wonders. Not only will it act as a natural room freshener, it will give your home a certain amount of tranquility.

d64cf1fbe37e9359605227742bca4e36 (1)

The distressed look looks great too. You could paint it yourself and wipe of the excess paint revealing different textures and hues of the wall.


Textiles. Re-use and upcycle. Re-use old textiles to make dhurries, instead of a carpet or a floor cushion.That’s the only way to make our planet survive a little longer.

We all know we’ve been ruining Earth for the past so many years. It’s time to pay our dues and give back something instead.


An olden touch to your space is what you would need for a retro feel. Feminine and completely charming, a vintage bedroom is also easy and surprisingly inexpensive to create.Don’t forget the bedroom lighting! It can be a key ingredient in creating a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom and should be one of the first things you plan into your scheme.

Have a Happy Day guys! 🙂


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