Where else but Elsewhere?


‘Goa. A tourist’s delight. A traveler’s dream.’

A vacation always brings with you a desire. Some love the crowd, the trinkets and the ever-changing facets of mystery and excitement. Some love the idea of  vanishing to a place where nature and seclusion beckons you each time you want to feel alive. Such is Elsewhere, one of Goa’s best kept secrets.


They say your oldest stories are your family’s most valuable heirlooms. Inheriting a part of your ancestral possession always comes with a sense of joy and nostalgia at the same time. This beautiful stretch of land was bestowed upon Denzil Sequeira by his  great grand father. Denzil, a renowned photographer who also calls himself a farmer, converted this piece of heritage into something breathtaking. “I recollect stories from my childhood about the family spending the summer in Mandrem. Great big baskets of clams were boiled in copper vessels filled with toddy from the coconut trees to feast on after long swims”, laughs Denzil.


The beach houses have retained an ancient and earthy feel

It was during this spring, that my friend Sakshi and I were invited by Denzil to visit Elsewhere. The first sight that caught our eye was the otter creek bridge which marks it’s beautiful entrance. This creeky little bamboo bridge has been designed in a way that complements it’s natural surroundings . Upon reaching, we were given the warmest welcome by Barbara. She is the whole and soul of this nature stay. Her amicable nature quickly put us at ease as we sat over a glass of chilled watermelon juice. We had a soulful conversation about Life, Nature and Spirituality. We discussed how in reality, all we need is less. That in the end, we were all meant to intertwine into nature and its remains. Elsewhere was created to give the on boarders a feeling of peace, quiet and the sense of belonging to mother Earth.


A view from the Otter Creek Bridge

Elsewhere offers an idea of a perfect vacation for a family where sitting for hours transfixed watching the ocean and spending quality time with loved ones can be the most soothing therapy nature offers. Simple yet comfortable, ‘Elsewhere’ is a house full of character, meant for those who appreciate the things that time does not change.


Turtle nesting and dolphins often spotted at Elsewhere

As we walked around this handsome property, we could spot flora and creativity in every nook and corner. The morning sunlight glinted gracefully on the Arabian Sea. To us, Elsewhere seemed like a canvas that was furnished by nature and embroidered by Denzil’s imagination. We couldn’t help but understand that the way this place has been nurtured with all the love and care, makes Elsewhere what it is. We also came to know that the beach also serves as a turtle nesting area in the months of September to March.


A view of the Bakery beach house

Along the vast stretch of white sands were beautiful beach houses along with 3 beautiful otter creek tents. The Captain’s House, The Piggery, The Priest’s house and The Bakery are situated right on the beach with a view that is unimaginably spectacular.


A beautiful scene from the Otter Creek Tents

The exclusive Otter Creek Tents are all in the most idyllic setting. All three tents are on the beach and face the creek, which runs parallel to the sea where tranquility, peace and purity prevail. Each tent also has its own sit-out and a bamboo jetty, over the creek.


We later got an opportunity to meet Denzil. We sat beneath a sprawling banyan tree. The roots draped flawlessly over the light breeze that followed. We indeed had a wonderful time with Denzil and Barbara that morning. Unfortunately, it was time for us to leave since we had a train to catch in less than a few hours.



On our way back, both of us sat silently in the car trying to grasp every bit of the landscape and solitude within us. As I always believe and often say, travel hard, wherever it might be. Get lost into nature, for you might just find yourself.


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